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Hostel Entree

Rooms and Prices

The rooms are spacious and individually decorated. No two rooms are alike, but all have one thing in common: There are rooms to relax and unwind.

The Cranach-Hostel is a non smoking home.

You can order a bed and breakfast or prepare your meals in the functionally furnished guest kitchen by yourself.

All prices includes breakfast and VATs:

Single Room: 65,00 Euro

Double Room: 90,00 Euro

Family Room: 180,00 Euro

Suite: 120,00 Euro

Holiday Flats: from 90,00 Euro

Discounts for children, young people and groups (minimum of 8 people). Depending on the number of participants and length of stay.
Total number of rooms: 26
Total number of beds: 51
The room number varies depending on the type of occupancy.
Further details on request.

  • Kitchens and lounges *
    If desired, you can cater for yourself. You will find a fully equipped guest kitchen on the first and second floor. There is also a separate breakfast room and meeting room.

Rooms for meetings and celebrations

  • Conference room (around 30 seats, seating included)
  • Painting studio of Cranach Foundation (80-100 seats, seating included), Schlossstr. 1 (farm buildings)